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A Guide To PA Cash Buster Games

Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery is in full swing with games launched on the new online lottery platform in May of 2018. The selection of games provide Pennsylvanians with a variety of ways to play lottery games online in the state.

One of the more popular games of the Pennsylvania iLottery — and other states where it is offered — is the Cash Busters series. Cash Busters games are a collect-style game that features instant cash prizes as well as mini games.

In the new PA iLottery, players have their choice of playing Cash Buster Towers and Super Cash Busters, a game that was even featured in the Pennsylvania iLottery during June

Today we’ll take a look at these two popular games and how to play. Demo versions are available for both games on the iLottery website, which a player can try without creating an account.

Super Cash Busters

Super Cash Busters is a collect style game that allows players to win a selection of prizes by matching colors blocks to prizes.

Begin the game by selecting a bet amount — any amount from $1 to $10. A dice will then need to be rolled to reveal a color. Blocks of the color that are connected to the Cashbuster Zone will be removed from the board and placed into the prize board.

If a player can fill up all of the color blocks for a particular prize, the prize will be revealed.

Extra features of the game include mini games and extra rolls. Extra features can be initiated by destroying a block in the Cashbuster Zone that contains an extra roll, bonus prize or mini-game.

Card Mini Game

Destroying a “Mini Game” block will provide players the opportunity to play a mini game.

To play the card mini game, players will need to select 1 of the 6 cards. Prizes revealed include an extra roll, 2-4 additional blocks or even an instant cash prize. Players will win the prize of the selected card.

Wheel Mini Game

When in the Wheel Mini Game, hit “Spin” to spin the wheel. Like the Card Mini Game, players will get the opportunity to receive extra rolls, extra blocks and instant cash prizes.

Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers adds the element of Towers to the Cash Buster line of games.

To begin the game, players must select a bet anywhere from $0.50 to $10. From there, players hit the Spin button, which will spin the reel and will reveal and a number of a series of symbols — numbers between 1 and 6, circle symbol, star symbol or an arrow symbol.

Players will get to spin until all 5 spins have been used. A prize will be awarded for any tower where no blocks remain. The number rolled will correspond to the number of blocks removed from a specific tower.

Symbol Blocks

When spinning a Circle, Star or Arrow symbol, no blocks are removed, but the symbol is added to the collection meter.

Circle: Collect three Circle symbols and win the prize shown.

Star: Collect four to initiate the Cash Buster Towers mini-game.

Arrow: With an arrow symbol, the tower will result to the starting number of blocks and a arrow symbol added to the Star Bonus collection. Once a player collects four arrow symbols, the arrow bonus mini-game can be played.

Mini Games Explained

With the Star Bonus mini game, you will need to select 1 out of the 8 cards. You’ll win a prize shown for the card.

With the Arrow mini game, hit the spin button and to reveal one of four outcomes: no win, free spin, instant cash win or block removal bonus.