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It’s Jalen Hurts Time, But Is It Too Late For The Eagles?

Last week, we put out a theory saying the Eagles are showcasing Wentz and Jeffrey at this point for trade value, because it doesn’t make sense that neither was starting. I still believe that’s true.

The season was practically over last week for the Eagles anyway, so why upset the fans so much by not pulling Wentz and Jeffrey last week? The answer may have simply been “showcasing”, but appears equally plausible they really didn’t know what to do.

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Eagles/Packers recap

The biggest insult to a team is the opposing team just having success in every which way. On Sunday, the Packers did just that for three quarters. In the fourth quarter, the Eagles finally pulled the plug.

It was long overdue for most of us, but Hurts came in and provided the spark the Eagles needed to get back into the game. Had it not been for a long touchdown run for Aaron Jones, the Eagles could’ve had the ball, down six.

This game was a good representation of the Eagles this season. Poor third-down conversion rates and missing open receivers have given opposing teams favorable offensive situations by which to build their lead.

Even though Hurts hasn’t done enough to show he’s a better pure passer than Wentz, he’s not as skittish in the pocket, and has demonstrated he can keep the sticks moving. As far as keeping the team in games and not compounding bad situations for the defense, Hurts is the smart move right now for the offense.

As far as personnel go, Alshon Jeffrey is cooked at this point. Unless he shows he’s truly 100%, the Eagles shouldn’t be rolling him out there as a starter, or even for a significant snap count.

With the loss, the Eagles fall a game and a half down now behind both the Giants and the Washington Football Team. 2020 has been wild, but I don’t think too many people out there predicted both the Giants and Washington would beat the Seahawks and Steelers this week.

It may be time to start looking ahead to the 2021 draft. That’s the good part of all this. The Eagles could easily score a top ten pick in the draft by sliding down the stretch, so let’s not get too wrapped up in the doom and gloom that is the 2020 Eagles season.

Week 14 preview

The Eagles are facing the NFC’s top team this weekend, the Saints. The biggest issues for the Eagles will be moving the ball against the Saints’ outstanding offense, and slowing the Saints’ rushing attack on defense. It’s a pretty bad matchup for the Eagles on paper, and it could end up being the nail in the coffin for the Eagles’ 2020 season.

The Saints currently have the second-best rush defense and the fourth-best pass defense. That’s bad news for the Eagles, who have struggled mightily in both those areas from game to game. Nothing about this matchup is good news for the Eagles. Perhaps the only positive here is the desperation. I’m not sure the Eagles have it in them, but conventional thought would be the Eagles need to win this game much more than the Saints, so they’ll be out there giving it their all. I’m just not sure they have a real shot in this game.

Week 14 prediction

I expect the Saints will come out early and establish their dynamic run. From what we’ve noticed with the Saints in the three games Taysom Hill has started, this team plays a much more run-heavy package earlier in games.

Once Hill has settled in and the game is more in hand, you see the offense open-up more. I anticipate the Saints pulling out to an early lead, but Hurts’ ability to extend plays keeps the chains moving and keeps it to 17-6 at the half.

From the second half, I expect the Saints will lock things down, punch in an early score in the third quarter, and win comfortably. I do expect the Eagles will score a touchdown in the third quarter, but the Saints defense is too good to succumb to a comeback from Jalen Hurts.

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