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Is It Time To Turn Over The Offense To Jalen Hurts?

You know, it might just not be the year for the Philadelphia Eagles. Even with a relatively healthy roster and bad injury luck striking the entire rest of the division, the Eagles have fumbled away a promising path to the playoffs and are now hanging on by a thread in the NFC East.

The Eagles have the toughest schedule remaining amongst the NFC East teams. The Eagles look bad on offense and we can no longer attribute it to a lack of weapons. It’s an issue that has become more obvious each week. The problem with the Eagles is Carson Wentz.
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Sure, Wentz doesn’t have the best pass protection in the league, but he’s also holding onto the ball too long, throwing too many picks, and just missing open receivers. We already went over how bad Wentz has been last week (Wentz is rated by PFF as the 31st ranked quarterback. His PFF passer rating is 59, which ranks 30th in the NFL). The bottom line is, Wentz needs to pick up his play if the Eagles have any hopes of winning the division.

Excuses running out for Eagles

Last week, we predicted the Browns would handle the Eagles, 27-17. The Browns won 22-17 in a game not as close as the score indicated. Wentz struggled yet again, getting sacked four times and throwing two interceptions.

The weather was pretty bad, but we’ve seen plenty of teams pass the ball well in the rain this season, so we shouldn’t give the Eagles a break. The Browns ran all over the Eagles, exploiting a matchup disparity we highlighted in the game preview last week. Aside from Nick Chubb’s 114 yards on 20 carries, the Eagles did a solid job slowing other rushes, so that’s nice.

Week 12 preview

The Eagles have a big home game against Seattle this Monday. If the Giants win, as expected, the Eagles could fall to third in the division with a loss Monday. With the pressure of their shrinking playoff hopes front and center, the Eagles will host the league’s worst pass defense in prime time. To me, this is the final season test for Carson Wentz. If he goes out there and struggles against a terrible secondary, now would be the time to make the switch to Jalen Hurts.

The Seahawks come into the game with the league’s worst pass defense but have one of the best passing offenses in football. It’s a little weird the pass defense is so bad. I mean, don’t they scrimmage against the Seahawks offense? You’d think they could learn a thing or two. The Seahawks are allowing 343 passing yards per game, which is 43 more than the next team down.

Offensively, the Seahawks are the sixth-best passing offense in the NFL. They’re getting Chris Carson back this week as well. With Carson back and a healthy array of offensive weapons, the Seahawks are going to be especially challenging for the Eagles.

Week 12 prediction

On paper, this game should be one decided through the air on both sides. The Seahawks have the league’s fourth-best run defense, so temper your expectations for Miles Sanders and the Eagles rush attack this week.

I anticipate both teams will come out with a relatively balanced approach in the game. The Eagles run defense is pretty bad (26th in rushing yards allowed per game). I wouldn’t expect the Seahawks to take a bunch of shots early. They’re going to use their solid run game to set up their pass and balance it well throughout the game.

The Eagles are going to attack through the air for the great majority of the game for two reasons. For one, it’s going to be out of matchup disparity. The second reason is game script. I expect the Eagles to be trailing for most of this game, so they’re going to have to attack early and often in this one.

I see this one as a boat race the Eagles simply can’t keep up in. Chris Carson is back, but he has a propensity to fumble quite frequently. The only real shot the Eagles have in this game will be hinging on their ability to force Seahawk turnovers.

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