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NFL Futures: NFL Championship MVP Edition

The NFL playoffs are full of critical matchups and coaches simply coaching to survive that specific game and advance to the next round. Unlike the regular season, strategies are hyper focused. Trick plays which have not seen the light of day all season, come to the forefront in the playoffs. It’s a fun time of the season and one where bettors can carve out little distinct advantages for themselves.

Today, we’re looking at odds for the MVP of the NFL Title game, “NFL Championship MVP.” Although the odds will likely be available again in the two weeks prior to the big game, if you’re looking at taking a player on an underdog team, the best odds you’ll ever get is in this round of the playoffs.

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NFL Futures to consider: “NFL Championship MVP”

This category is fun because we have an entire season of games by which to determine who would have the best odds to win the MVP award for the Championship game. Let’s take a look at the best bets on the board.

Lamar Jackson +250

If you go over every Ravens game this season that they won, Lamar Jackson may be the MVP in each one. The Ravens will likely be the favorite if they make it to the Championship game, so don’t even worry about any other player on the team winning the award. This one should be the undisputed favorite if his team can win out. A $20 bet wins you $50 here.

Patrick Mahomes +500

Mahomes is another heavy favorite here and for good reason. Sure, the Chiefs aren’t the favorite or even the second favorite to win, but they likely will have the toughest matchups on their way to a title. Mahomes is a high-volume passer without much of a run game, but his appeal for MVP lays in his flashy play.

If Mahomes makes a few crazy completions in the game and goes over 300 with a couple touchdowns, it would be hard to imagine anyone else winning the award. If you feel good about the Chiefs as contenders — and you should, given their improved defense — you should probably put your faith in the man on the team with overwhelming odds to win MVP.

Russell Wilson +1600

Russell Wilson’s team is a dark horse. Wilson himself is probably the second or third-most likely player on the team to win the MVP in the Championship game is his team wins. The fact Travis Homer and Marshawn Lynch are the two running backs now means if this team has any shot, they’re going to need Wilson to carry the load. If you have faith in the Seahawks to win three straight, as underdogs in each, Wilson is a good value bet to win MVP.

Aaron Jones +3300

This isn’t the Aaron Rodgers led Packers of old. Rodgers’ role in this offense has been more of a more-than-capable game manager this season, as evident from the tape and the box scores. Aaron Jones has been a lightning rod for this offense and their success has been largely dictated by how well Jones performs. If the Packers win it all, it will likely be on the back of Aaron Jones. A $5 bet on Jones wins you $165 so it’s worth considering

Raheem Mostert +3300

Mostert is in a situation similar to Jones in the futures department. Though his team’s odds are better at winning the title, his role is more limited than Jones. Mostert heads a three-back committee, but he’s emerged as the clear favorite among the three and is a capable pass-catcher with explosive speed. He’s also good between the tackles and serves well in the red zone and near the goal line.

If the 49ers want to win the big one, they’re more likely to win it on the efforts of Mostert, as opposed to relying on Jimmy G to beat them, when Jimmy’s MVP-worthy games have only come against the Cardinals and the Saints (another terrible secondary). Among the AFC favorites, their collective secondaries are especially strong.

Deshaun Watson +4000

Watson is in a similar boat as Russell Wilson. Both will make some amazing escapes from the pocket and turn it into a solid play. Watson is going to have a difficult route to a title, like Wilson, but Watson’s odds are remarkably good considering the potential payoff. A $5 bet wins you $200.

Dalvin Cook +7000

Dalvin Cook has been the best player in 80% of the Vikings games this year. If they get by this week, Cook will get a shot at the winner of the Packers and Seahawks. There’s a legitimate case for Cook if the Vikings make it because the AFC team favorites have such good pass defenses. A $5 bet wins you $350.

Derrick Henry +8000

Derrick Henry has been the best player on the field in 70% of the Titans games this season and demonstrated last week he is critical to the success of the Titans. If the Titans go all the way, Henry will be a good candidate to win it all. A $5 bet here wins you $400

AJ Brown +25000

You know, this one isn’t nearly as insane as it shows. AJ Brown isn’t completely dependent on the quarterback to have success as shown in Week 16 when he took a sweep for 50 yards and a touchdown. Brown has been dominant late in the season and has shown he’s the kind of player who can be the X-factor for a title team. A $5 bet here to win $1,250 is pretty insane from an odds standpoint, yet oddly feasible.

How much can you make?

If you were to bet $20 on the top two here and $5 on everyone else, here is the potential net profit or loss you can get:

Lamar Jackson -$25 (Keep in mind, if they make it to the big one, you can always double down here to cover losses elsewhere)
Pat Mahomes +$25
Russell Wilson +$5
Aaron Jones +$90
Raheem Mostert +$90
Deshaun Watson +$125
Dalvin Cook +$275
Derrick Henry +$325
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