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PA iLottery Introduces Volcano, A New Collect-Style Game With Bonus Features


Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery has introduced a new game. It’s called “Volcano” and it’s a collect-style game with a few interesting bonus features. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

What features does Volcano have?

Volcano Features at a glance 
Game StyleCollect
Bet Limits$0.10 - $30
Top Prize$10,000 (on $1 bet)
Bonuses AvailableFree Spins; Hot Lava Bonus; Totem Bonus

How to play Volcano

The first choice you have when stepping up to play Volcano is your bet amount. You have a wide range of options from $0.10 to $30. The top possible prize payout is always 10,000x your bet amount.

The gameplay area consists of a 6 x 9 grid composed of a variety of symbols with a tiki-volcanic-island theme. Each spin, three additional symbols which are labelled FREE PLAY are scattered randomly in the grid. More about these FREE PLAY symbols later. When you press PLAY, a new set of symbols drops down into the 6 x 9 grid. As to the object of Volcano, the game itself says: “Find a cluster of 5+ like symbols to win. Collect 6 clusters in one play to unlock the bonus games”.

Of course, as the player you don’t have to “find” anything. The game locates symbols that are clustered together in groups of at least five and destroys them. Once all groups on the screen are removed, more symbols fall down from the top to fill in the spaces. If there are new clusters of like symbols created as a result, they are destroyed and removed and the process continues until no more clusters of at least five like symbols remain.

Each type of symbol is worth a different amount – the more rare the symbol, the more it is worth. Also, the higher the number of symbols in a cluster, the higher the payout. Best of all, if six or more clusters are removed in one spin, a bonus feature is unlocked.

Bonus features in Volcano

Hot Lava Bonus

Unlocking the Hot Lava Bonus takes the player to an underground pool of molten lava with six small volcanoes sticking out of it. Each volcano spits out different prize amounts ($0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, and another $0.50). The player hits the GO button to roll a die. Each side of the die corresponds to one of the symbols on each volcano. The prize associated with the symbol rolled is what the player wins.

The roll continues until one of the volcanoes erupts, bringing this iteration of the bonus feature to an end.

Totem Bonus

Unlocking the Treasure Totem Bonus takes the player to another pool of molten lava. This one has a glowing-eyed totem floating in it. The player is prompted to click on the totem a few times until it erupts, revealing a prize amount which is won by the player. Not much interaction, just click a few times and see what you won.

Free Play Game Bonus

Any time the three FREE PLAY symbols group together in a cluster on the screen, the Free Play Game Bonus feature is activated. The player is taken to another pit of hot lava, this one with six large bubbles threatening to pop. The player clicks on one of these which reveals a number. This is the number of free spins the player has just won.

The game then auto-spins the appropriate number of times, revealing how much the player has won in the bonus feature.

Volcano takes its place among a wide assortment at PA iLottery

Volcano is now one of the Pennsylvania Online Lottery’s 35 different games that are available on the relatively new platform. There are many different styles of games to choose from including collect (like Volcano), reveal, match, bingo, crossword, and many more.

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If you’d like to try out Volcano or one of the other 34 games available on Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery, you need only to be in the state of Pennsylvania, be 21 years of age or older, and sign up for a PA iLottery account.

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