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A Review Of Wild Run And Fast Buck Basketball From PA iLottery

Pennsylvania’s online lottery brought their online game total up to 36 recently when they introduced two new games, Wild Run and Fast Buck Basketball. Since its launch last year, the operators of PA iLottery have done an impressive job of keeping their players interested with many new game offerings.

The site features several different types of games (collect, match, reveal, etc.) and there are a wide variety of game themes as well. The PA iLottery even rolls out special-themed versions of their most popular games during various holidays, continuously spicing things up for their players.

Let’s take a close look at each of these two new games:

Wild Run

This is an African Safari themed “reveal-style” game. Players can choose their preferred bet amount for each game (between $0.10 and $20). After selecting their bet, players click PLAY to begin the game.

Wild Run’s game area is a 4×4 grid comprised of squares that each hide a symbol that lies beneath. In each game, players click through the squares in the grid, revealing symbols as they go. Revealing three of the same symbol within the grid yields a prize. Revealing four of the same symbol yields a bigger prize.

Since the grid has 16 squares, it is possible to reveal more than one set of matching symbols in each “spin”. To heighten the suspense, players can click through squares one by one, or (if in a rush), can click the PLAY button again to have the game speed things up a bit and reveal the squares automatically.

Wild Run’s symbols: Gems, Trophies, and WILD RUNS

Wild Run’s squares can conceal one of ten different symbols, and they all have an African Safari theme. There are an assortment of gems and some animal “trophies” that total nine different possible symbols. There is also a WILD RUN symbol that rounds out the collection at ten.

Each symbol is worth a different amount when matched and matches of four are worth more than matches of three. If a player reveals three or more WILD RUN symbols, the game awards a randomly generated number of free “spins” for the player. Best of all, in each of these free spins, “Wins are guaranteed!”

The symbols in Wild Run and their value to the player are broken down here:

SYMBOLMatch of 3 wins (in multiples of bet amount)Match of 4 wins (in multiples of bet amount)
Green Gems1x2x
Blue Gems2x4x
Red Gems3x6x
Yellow Gems5x10x
Leopard Trophy10x20x
Water Buffalo Trophy20x40x
Rhino Trophy50x100x
Elephant Trophy100x200x
Lion Trophy1000x2000x
WILD RUNFree GamesFree Games

Fast Buck Basketball

The second of the PA iLottery’s new offerings is also a “reveal-style” game but this one has a basketball theme.

This game is even more distinct from Wild Run in that the main game is broken into three separate sections. The player can win a prize in any of the sections. Winning in one section doesn’t preclude the player from winning in another. This aspect of the game makes it somewhat different from the traditional “reveal-style” game in which the game area is (for example) a single grid.

As with Wild Run, in Fast Buck Basketball, players can click through the game squares themselves, or click on REVEAL ALL to speed up the process and have the game reveal the squares automatically.

How to play Fast Buck Basketball

To begin, the player selects their bet amount from a range of $0.10 minimum to $30 maximum per game. The maximum prize that can be won on Fast Buck Basketball is 1000x the player’s bet amount.

Then the player clicks PLAY to start the game. Once this is done, three sections (or games) are revealed to the player. These are labeled GAME 1, GAME 2, GAME 3.

Game 1: “Reveal a trophy symbol to win PRIZE shown to the right of that row”

In this section, the player is shown four rows (squares) that can be clicked on to reveal a result. If a player finds a trophy on the left of any square, they win the prize amount shown next to the trophy on the right of that square.

Game 2: “Match 3 like prize amounts, win that amount.”

This section is comprised of six squares in a 2×3 grid. The player clicks through the squares, revealing prize amounts as they go. If three of the same prize amount are revealed in this section, the player wins that amount.

Game 3: “Match 2 like symbols in the same row, win PRIZE shown to the right of that row.”

This section (like the first) is comprised of four rows (or squares) that are clicked on to reveal their contents. Players hope to reveal squares with two matching symbols on the left of the row. If the symbols match, the player wins the prize amount shown on the right of that row.

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