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Parx Casino Bet Slip Builder App Now Available

Despite being live for just over a month, the Parx Casino sportsbook is already showing impressive signs of innovating the sports betting experience in the casino. Upon launching in early January, the Parx Casino sportsbook unveiled the useful Parx Casino BetSlip Builder. Parx has released an official Betslip Builder app to make it even easier to place bets in one of the two Parx sportsbooks in Pennsylvania.

An online sportsbook is not yet available at the Parx Casino</strong? — or for any other sportsbook in Pennsylvania for that matter — but the sportsbook is trying to streamline the process and make it easier for bettors to wager in Parx-owned sportsbooks, with one each located at the Parx Casino and the Philly Turf Club.

Where to find the Betslip Builder app

Betslip Builder iOS Download

The mobile app is available for users on both Apple and Android devices, however, the process to download the app will vary according to the platform you are using.

On Apple devices, users can head over to the Apple iOS App Store, where they can find the app by searching for “Betslip Builder,” and listed by the full name of Parx Casino Betslip Builder. The app is listed under Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, the parent company of the Parx Casino.

On an Android device, users will need to download the app by visiting the Betslip Builder page on the Parx Casino website (Apple users can also find the download through this method). Note that the Parx Casino Online app that is available in the Google Play Store does not contain the Betslip Builder utility.

Upon navigating to the Parx Betslip Builder webpage, an option will be available for users to download the app at the top of the page.

Why download Betslip Builder?

There isn’t a huge difference between the website and the app from a practical sense. However, many bettors may prefer the convenience and performance of the app as it has been optimized for mobile. Best of all, it’s available users 24/7, allowing bettors easy access to betting lines.

Betslip Builder is not an online sportsbook app — that will likely be coming later in 2019 — but if you bet sports at a Parx Casino property, it’s definitely worth a spot on your home screen.

So what does the Betslip Builder do?

Betslip Builder makes it easier to bet! Instead of fumbling at the cage asking a teller about a line or to make a bet, use BetSlip Builder to construct your bet before arriving at the betting window. See the exact odds that you will get on spread betting lines, moneylines, parlays, futures, props and teasers.

You can even bet on games live while they are happening through live betting lines. Sure, betting lines can quickly change, but the app will let you know if any updates have been made to the betting line before you are done.

When you’re ready, Betslip Builder will generate a QR code that you can use at a teller at either the Parx Casino sportbook or the sportsbook at the South Philly Turf Club.

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