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PokerStars PA Home Games Fill Void Of Live Poker With Friends

While the closure of poker rooms across the globe has impacted poker players everywhere, traditional home games have also largely halted as states institute “stay at home” orders and poker players practice social distancing.

The home games organized between friends, family and acquaintances has been a huge part of the poker culture in the United States for decades. The in-person home game has been significantly disrupted as people are told to keep their distance from others.

Join PokerStars PA Home Games

With limited options, some poker players have went online as they seek out other options that allow them socialize and play against friends. For poker players in PA, they have an option that was practically built for this scenario – PokerStars PA Home Games, fully legal and regulated by the state of Pennsylvania.

What are PokerStars PA Home Games?

The PokerStars PA Home Games platform, which is available through the PokerStars PA online poker room, is exclusively available in states where PokerStars is regulated (currently Pennsylvania and New Jersey). PokerStars Home Games is an attractive option for poker players because of how effectively it facilities private real money play — either tournaments or cash games — between friends.

And because Home Games has been a thing since 2011, it’s also a fairly polished product that gives players many of the features and options that they need to run a good poker home game. And yes, prizes and payments are done through the PokerStars Home Game platform or app, so you don’t have to worry about being paid.

To facilitate the cost of the service, PokerStars PA Home Games charge a rake/fees that are similar to play on the traditional PokerStars online poker room.

PokerStars PA Home Games

Creating and joining a PokerStars PA Home Game

To get started, a PokerStars PA user must create a “Poker Club.” After creating the club, the Poker Club creator can invite friends, family, or whoever they wish to join. Players will need a Club ID number and PokerStars PA Home Pages invitation code to be able to join to ensure that only those who are invited can enter your Poker Club.

When the Poker Club has been set up, you can create a “table” (cash game) or “tournament.” The Poker Club manager can set perimeters of specific games and tournaments, such as game, stakes, type and number of seats.

Tournament options add the ability to select the game speed, game type, blind frequency and starting stack sizes, to name a few.

Just like the PokerStars PA online poker room, you are given a large selection of options when creating your games and tournament types, allowing you and your friends to play almost anything that PokerStars within your Poker Club.

Your Poker Club is your Homes Games hub

Once you have created or been invited to a Home Game, your Poker Club can serve as your one stop-shop for your home game, helping you connect with the members of your club.

As an Club Manager, you can administer your Club Members, Manage Games, Create Games and Tournaments… and much more.

Club Members can can view the upcoming schedule of your Poker Club, view previous results and keep up with the best performers of the Club by viewing standings. is an affiliate of the brands we promote throughout this site. While we may receive compensation for this promotion, we still make every effort possible to maintain accuracy throughout our content. All content is © 2021 — By viewing this site you agree to our terms and conditions. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 800.522.4700 or go to: