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SugarHouse Bad Beat Jackpot Cap Increases To $100,000 Starting June 1st

While the SugarHouse Casino gears up for its online gambling launch sometime in July, the casino isn’t forgetting about its land-based poker room. Last week, the Philadelphia-based casino revealed that it would begin making it easier to earn a bad beat jackpot once the prize reaches its increased $100,000 cap.

The SugarHouse Casino Bad Beat Jackpot, which awards progressive jackpot prizes when a huge hand is beat, normally is triggered once quad sixes are higher beat. Starting on June 1, 2019, whenever the Bad Beat Jackpot reaches the larger $100,000 cap, only Quad Twos will be required to trigger the bad beat. While the odds are still high to hit this rare hand, it does make qualifying for the hand easier, with Wizard of Odds estimating the feat to be around 40% easier.

Bad Beat Jackpots are seeded up by a small extra take from each pot. When the various requirements for a bad beat jackpot are met, the bad beat jackpot amount is split between all players who were dealt cards into the hand, regardless of whether they folded before the flop or not. The amount that is paid to players will depend on each of the players’ role in the hand.

The loser of the hand will receive the largest portion of the jackpot at 40% while the winner will receive 30%. The remaining 30% of the jackpot is split between players that were dealt cards, with the precise percentage paid based on the number of other players at the table.

Sugarhouse Casino Bad Beat Jackpot promotion payouts

The full requirements for qualifying for a SugarHouse Casino Bad Beat Jackpot are as follows:

  • At least four players must be seated at the table
  • Both hole cards must be used in the final hand for the winning and losing player
  • The pot must go to a showdown
  • The hand must include a pot that meets the minimum threshold for contribution to the Hand High Jackpot promotion.
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