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Watch PA Lottery Winning Numbers Online

Are you a Pennsylvanian player looking for a new way to find results of your favorite lottery games? You’re in luck. In late June, the Pennsylvania Lottery began broadcasting live drawings for popular PA Lottery games online.

Here are some quick facts of what you need to know about watching PA lottery results online.

Drawing times are not changing

Pennsylvania lottery games will continue to be held daily at the time they always have been – 6:59 PM ET.

The show contains drawings of Pennsylvania-based lottery drawings

Players will be able to watch PA lottery results from some of their favorite draw games. Each night, the Pennsylvania lottery will draw numbers for all Pick Games, Wild Ball, Cash 5 and Match 6 Lotto.

The show is straight and to the point

The Pennsylvania Lottery drawing show gets to business. Drawings for multiple games are held in just a minute or two. If possible, try to tune in a couple minutes early to make sure you don’t miss the drawing. You’ll see a “Please Stand By” message when the show is about to start.

You are not able to buy lottery tickets online

Although new games have been added to the Pennsylvania Lottery, tickets still must be purchased through one of the many thousands of established lottery retailers.

You’ll have a variety of choices to watch online

Pennsylvania Lottery players will get a couple different options of how and where to watch live drawings online. Players will be able to log in to the PALottery website on a computer or mobile devices. Alternatively, Pennsylvanians will also be able to watch through the PALottery app, available in the iOS Apple Store or at the PALottery website for Android.

You’ll still be able to watch drawings through the traditional way

Despite the launch of live drawings online, you will still be able to watch drawings through one of six stations in Pennsylvania: WTXF in Philadelphia, WPXI in Pittsburgh, WGAL in Harrisburg and Lancaster, WNEP in Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, WTAJ in Johnstown and Altona and WJET in Erie.

If you miss the show or just want to see the numbers without watching, you can view numbers at any time from the “Winning Numbers History” section of the Pennsylvania Lottery website.

Lottery drawing shows are archived

If you happen to miss a drawing for your favorite Pennsylvania lottery games, have no fear. Within five minutes of the completion of the night’s drawing, a replay of the show will be posted. Better yet, watch results online for any past show.